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Hike: Assisting India's unorganised workers to a better life through increase in Disposable Income.

Consumer service
Web Based Portal
Primary Users
Unorganised Sector's Workforce
About Hike
Hike is a mobile application that would assist individuals find jobs in India's vast unorganised sector, which employs a large portion of the country's population. Its goal is to create an efficient route for Service Providers and Potential Service Seekers to communicate.
Why we need Hike?
Despite the fact that there are other for-profit applications in India that cater to comparable needs. The vast bulk of the workforce appears to not get any benefit. As a result, it was critical to identify these issues and provide a solution that would benefit the majority of India's workers and therefore increase employment.
What opportunities do you see to the problem statement?
Exploring Potential Opportunities to the Problem Statement, which are possible paths for the solution to take in order to have the greatest impact with the least amount of effort.
What could be the most effective way to make an impression?
Based on interviews and field visits, I identified the problem that requires immediate attention and will have the most impact. breaking down the problem area to learn more about the needs, stakeholders, and other details.
Main Issues.png
Creating a productive Service Marketplace Channel
An evolution of Barter System with bits from E-commerce. Hike mobile application will be used as an Online Marketplace for Services. The software will simply function as a middleman between Service Providers and Service Seekers, with the goal of lowering entry barriers as much as feasible. Hike will be a non-profit application that is open to everyone and has no commissions or requirements.
Possible Opportunities to major challenges faced
Gathering Data to show meaningful Insights.
The Data Input points in the application are structured in such a way that they will assist us in gathering a large amount of critical data. This includes information about a profession's demand and supply. Details on the requirements in each area, market compensation, the number of people who have enrolled, the busiest season, and more.
Ensuring that more People are registering and using the Platform
To ensure that the benefit reaches the broad unorganised workforce, we must ensure that no commissions are charged, that no personal information is requested during registration, and that they are able to connect themselves to the opportunities.
To address Frauds and contact information leaks
The architecture has been designed to ensure that no one may abuse the application. This includes not disclosing content seekers' personal information to employees; instead, they can only initiate a contact request.
App Skeleton and Interaction Goals
Because these two stakeholders might switch roles, the Onboarding Process will be the same for both the Service Provider and the Service Seeker. The application's basics will be captured on onboarding screens, and users will have the option to operate in their local language during the registration process.
Home/Maps:Explore Service Providers around you
Primarily for those who have a service requirement(Households) and want someone. The home screen will be the Maps sourced from Google/Apple APIs. Users on the home screen itself will have options to find someone or find work for self(primary two functions). Users can then search the specifics and initiate a connection(through Call or WhatsApp)
Flow to find a Service Provider and making your Requirement Live
For those who have a service requirement. From the Active tab they can anytime view details of all the requirements they have created. On clicking the "I have some work" CTA they will be directed to feed more information and also the option to make their requirement live so that Service providers can view and contact them.
Flow to Find work for Service Providers
For Service Providers. For their ease there will be a Two-step process to make them live on the Application and view all those who have a requirement which they can fulfil. From the Home or from the Tabs Section Service providers can publish that they are open to work, they can enter details such as Pricing, area served, their contact information, and more.
Want Work.png
Contact 2.png
Securely establishing connections
To ensure Service seekers' (households) privacy. A service provider cannot view their contact details but can only initiate a contact request. These requests are visible under Queries Section and a User can respond anytime at their comfort. 
The application's other key sections. Includes the ability to view Profession Insights, which is useful for migrations and restoring service equilibrium. There is also a section dedicated to government-sponsored benefits for Service Providers.
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