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PhonePe Dialer* is a proposed tool that rekindles communication and our existing Dialer Apps

PhonePe (owned by Walmart) is an Indian Super app that began as a payments app and has since grown to be the industry leader. The following is an overview of what I did throughout my internship, i.e. Crafting a new product concept.


We need PhonePe Dialer to introduce more people to the PhonePe Ecosystem, solve commerce for a billion Indians and change the way how we build connections and communication over our phones. 


Screenshot 2022-04-18 at 2.32.50 PM.png

Redesigned how we perceive Contacts

PhonePe Dialer distinguishes between your friends and your kirana store. PhonePe Dialer also removes the need to Find and save a contact in most cases. PhonePe Dialer uses QR flows for sharing of Information. 

MVP 1.png
mvp 2.png

Phone calls and the dialer are an inextricably linked component of our smartphone usage. Using Dialer to promote and facilitate Pay with PhonePe.

Pay through Dialer

Connect with Merchants

PhonePe Dialer enables small businesses to grow and incentivise consumer interactions. The purpose is to stimulate economic activity while avoiding the spread of SPAM and fraud.

mvp 3.png

To Access Complete Research, Flows, Testing, and Prototype

Design System.png
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